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6 Innovative Flooring Solutions For Commercial Premises

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Your floor is something that makes a surprisingly large impact and when considering flooring solutions for commercial premises it’s important to consider not just aesthetics, but durability too.


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There are plenty of durable, long wearing flooring options available and it’s important to consider what type of wear and tear will take place before you settle on a specific covering.

These six options offer something for every building and to suit all tastes, requirements and preferences.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Craftwood is an innovative new product that comprises of an engineered hardwood with an oil finish. Laid in planks like a standard wooden floor, Craftwood is designed to be easy to clean, colour stable and long lasting.

Rubber Flooring

If you like the look of vinyl flooring, then rubber may be your best bet. Nora Systems has created a high performance rubberised floor that’s ideal for busy environments and that reduces noise and enhances comfort.

Waterproof Floating Floors

Ideal for high traffic areas, NuClic no wax flooring can be installed over existing floors and is a flexible and interlocking covering that does not affect the original floor. A site like could tell you more about this type of product and other similar bacteria-resistant options.

Vinyl Tiles

A great option for any area that needs to be kept clean but look good too, vinyl tiles come in different shades and textures, include wood, marble and stone. The appearance of tiles with the ease of use of vinyl makes these tiles really attractive to commercial enterprises.

Tile and Grout Flooring

Mosaics have become very popular and are an excellent choice for areas that repeatedly get wet. The tiles are laid and grouted over, and thereafter they are easy to keep clean and to maintain. This system can work with smaller or larger tiles and looks very appealing too.

Plank Vinyl Tiles

Similar to vinyl tiles, plank vinyl tiles are laid in long planks and look like wood, stone or any other similar material. They may also have designs on them. The enhanced rolled edges of these tiles add depth and are designed to withstand high traffic and regular use. Low maintenance yet very attractive, plank tiles are often used in areas between warehouses and similar, where flooring needs to withstand heavy use.