4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Consider for 2017

Digital marketing was incredibly exciting in 2016, with fantastic new innovations such as live streaming coming to the forefront. But as we move into 2017, now’s the perfect time to re-think your initiatives from last year, adopting new tactics and technologies for the year ahead.

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Here are some of the tactics you should consider for your marketing strategy this year.

Live Streaming

Facebook Live (Facebook’s live streaming service) became available to all users in 2016 and has significantly increased people’s awareness of the fact they have access to live streaming. Twitter also started to bring live videos to their users, making live streaming even more readily available than it has ever been before.

The benefits of this include real-time audience interaction and feedback and the capability of being able to attract viewers then and there and through archived video content. Create content that’s authentic and adheres with your brand, such as behind-the-scenes footage, Q&A sessions, event broadcasts or how-tos.

Ephemeral Content

This is content that disappears after a period of time and was introduced in 2011 by Snapchat. Then with the introduction of Instagram Stories in 2016, it became even more mainstream. This trend looks set to become even more prevalent in 2017, so it’s important that you’re one step ahead of the game.

Think about creating content that’s natural and will make your customers feel in sync with you. Use these channels to create your content, and don’t filter or edit it too heavily, or consider asking a Dublin SEO agency such as to help you.

Influencer Marketing

In 2016, on Instagram alone, $570 million was spent on influencer marketing, and budgets look set to increase in 2017. This is a highly effective way of getting your brand in front of new customers, as it helps you to appear more authentic.

Don’t drive all your budget at trying to get an A-list celebrity; instead, focus on getting an influencer who’s relevant to your industry to promote your brand.

Personalised Marketing

Users are increasingly looking for personalised experiences, and your marketing initiatives need to adhere to this. Start by looking at how your customers behave on your site, searching for patterns in the customer journey. And take a look at your demographics too, including gender, age and location, so you can further personalise their buying experience.